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Professional Recording Studio

book drumming lessons nowCritical Recording Studio was originally formed by a musician who has seen about the "decline" of the live music scene plaguing Miami. The organization's original idea was to provide struggling live music musicians an affordable and accessible place to record music.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable, well equipped environment where performers from novice to seasoned professional can develop and enhance their skills.

Our recording studios are the perfect solution for:

  • Professional musicians and amateur bands miami live music recording studio
  • Out of town touring musicians
  • Audio engineers and home hobbyists who need a rentable recording studio for tracking drums and other instruments
  • Bands and producers who are working together on pre production
  • Musicians and vocalists who simply want to team up and jam with other enthusiasts
  • Instrument and vocal instructors who often pay high rent at local music centers
  • School bands and performing arts groups without on-site facilities, Local choirs, vocal groups, etc.
  • Operatic and theatre groups practicing for upcoming productions etc...

We are here to help you create the sound that you want at an affordable price. Whether you are an original band or a cover band we can help you record. Our recording studio is equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. We can maximize your budget and your project is never too big. From full length album, to a demo or just a single we can help. If you need fill in musicians, a producer, or an engineer you need, let our staff point you in the right direction and make what you imagined a reality.

If you have any questions about the services our professional recording studio can provide you with, call us at 786-347-5800 or email us today.

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