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Miami Music Recording Studio Hiphop and R&B

There is no better place in South Florida to record your hip-hop, R&B or rap Album, mix-tape or demo than Critical Recording Studio.

The Sound!!!

Arenít you tired of going to a studio and the first thing that they ask is how much money you are willing to spend? Here at Critical we focus on the Artists needs and what the artist is trying to do. The first reason you should check us out is because we have the Hip Hop Producers & Engineers that can feel your vibe and give you the great sound and flavor you are looking for. Most audio engineers think that recording hip hop is just a process of turning up the bass and putting lots of effects on the vocals however; that is not the case. In order to find the right hip hop recording studio and sound you are looking for, you must know a few things about the recording engineer, their preference of music, and be on the same page. Here at Critical recording studios, our audio engineers are artists as well. Remember, a great studio is only 10% great gear, 10% a great room and 80% a great engineer.

Working with our sound engineer,who is well-versed and experienced with many other styles and genres but what he specializes in is Hip Hop, R & B, Rap and anything in between will get you the sound that you are looking for.

The Quality!!!

Why record around haters that really donít care what you sound like, and are only interested in getting your book drumming lessons nowmoney, when you can record a real studio that focuses on quality, perfection, you and your style, and everything thatís just hot! Critical recording studio offers the latest state of the art recording equipment in a professional facility. We combine a PRO TOOLS HD recording system with classic microphones, analog preamps, compressors, equalizers, and reverbs to deliver top quality sound.

Every project is important and EVERY CLIENT IS SPECIAL! We want the studio to be comfortable and affordable enough for any artist starting out as well as sophisticated enough for major artists. The recording studio supports artists through all phases of their project by providing additional services and referrals that include production, CD duplication or replication, mastering, and the hiring of session musicians. Our experienced engineer treats every recording with care and attention to detail.

The Beats!!!

Are you a HOT Rapper or Singer who has what it takes to get a dealÖbut like many, lack a HOT beat to get the A&Rs to actually hear your singing or rapping? Here at Critical, ALL OUR BEATS ARE FIRE!!! We have many different beats that will definitely fit your swag and on top of that, our producers will sit down with you and create a beat right on the spot to fit your style. Itís that simple, if you donít have the beat or canít find one, weíll make it! You have two ways to get your sounds from us. We can create a customized track just for you or you can lease our tracks from us. We make owning your own beat just that easy and there are so many different purchasing and leasing options. Yes, we lease beats! Why pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a beat when you can lease it at little or at no cost to you? Itís just a no brainer! Critical is the way to go!!!

You will get the sound you want for your lyrics!!!

Or, Bring your pre-mixed beat, we'll load it up and get to work. If you want to bang out multiple tracks in one night, we can help. The better prepared you are, the more efficient we can be. Whether you're recording a full album, a single, a mix-tape or you need your home recordings or smaller studio recordings mixed and mastered, Critical Recording Studio will give you the top quality you need without blowing your budget.

Get ahead of the game!!!

Critical Recording Studios makes recording your demo/mixtape/album not just a dream but a reality!!! We are not going to waste any of your time or money that you donít have to spare so you will get in and out. Mix-tapes don't require heavy mixing and mastering, so you can put your time and money into what's most important to you. The average studio is going to charge studio time for recording, mixing and mastering or push you to purchase many blocks of studio time that you probably will never use all anyway . At the end of that process, you end up paying hundreds or even thousands. Thatís CRAZY!!! Why not record your entire demo for one set price? Itís a no brainer!!! Our experience in the mix-tape game will put your tape ahead of pack. With sites like Datpiff, Live Mixtapes, and Hot New Hip Hop, it's easier than ever to get your music out to the world. Stop paying too much at a huge, flashy studio with an out-of-touch engineer!!!

We offer and encourage FREE consultations prior to any session in order to help you and us prepare. We'll help budget your session to best meet your goals.

There is no better place in South Florida to record your hip-hop, R & B or rap Album, mix-tape or demo than Critical Recording Studio. Critical is the just the way to go, why? Because recording these days are critical, especially in this economy. So what are you waiting for??? Stop recording from your friends basement!!!

Hiphop and R&B Genres That We Have Worked With

  • Trapp
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap
  • Old School
  • Gutter
  • dirty South
  • Anthem
  • Freestyle
  • East Coast Hip Hop
  • West Coast Hip Hop
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