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Electronic Music Studio Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering

Critical Recording Studio is proud to offer mixing and mastering services to artists all over the world. We take pride in all aspects of the production process, and our engineers are incredibly talented. Take the next step with us and ensure your tracks are mixed properly. This process adds clarity to your tracks. A well mixed track is often what separates the “average” tracks from the “great” tracks. book drumming lessons now

One of the many things that a record label looks at is sound quality. If your songs aren’t mixed or mastered, then they are almost always going to get skipped over. As an artist, you want to push a finished product to the label, showing that you are serious and that you are the complete package. Our sound engineer’s have been in the industry for years, and know how to make your songs shine.

At Critical Recording Studio, we go through and break down each and every layer in your song. Then we analyze each layer and find out where it will best fit within the mix. Once we have our blueprint, we go through the mixing process and remove all the “mud” and unnecessary noises. After this is done, the track will already have noticeable clarity. We continue to work through the process until each element is sitting nicely within the song and has purpose, resulting in a professionally done mixdown.

With the track completely mixed, we then start with the mastering process. This is what gives tracks that special “pop”. It brings a song up to commercial quality, so that it is 100% ready to be distributed through whatever medium you choose. Through an intricate process of compression, EQ, limiting, and dynamics, we give your song a complete fine-tuning so that it can compete with songs that are already in the market.

Vocals are often what makes a song viral. Catchy lyrics and an amazing voice are an easy way to separate your tracks from others. Critical Recording Studio is a full recording studio that can record those awesome vocals and then mix them into your track so that they feel like they belong in a song. Many times, producers make the mistake of just sticking the vocals ontop of the track, which makes them sound separate and distanced. At Critical, we take the time to ensure that each and every single element in your song belongs and fits.

By the end of the entire process, we guarantee a high-quality product that you are sure to love. If there is anything you would like to change, we are completely flexible and would be more than happy to accommodate your ideas and suggestions so that the end result is beyond satisfactory.

Some Of The Genres That We Have Mixed and Mastered

  • Electronic Rock
  • Ambient
  • Breakbeat
  • Disco
  • Downtempo
  • Drum and Bass
  • Dub
    • Dubstep
    • Dubtech
    • Dubtronica
  • Electro Music
  • Electroacoustic music
  • Electronica
    • Electronic dance music
  • Eurodance
  • Hardcore
  • Hard dance
  • House Music
    • Chicago House
    • Deep House
    • Progressive House
    • Tech House
    • Tribal House
    • Vocal House
    • Hard House
    • Funky House
    • Garage House
  • Industrial Music
  • ntelligent Dance Music
  • Jungle
  • Techno Music
    • Acid Techno
    • Detroit Techno
    • Minimal Techno
  • Trance Music
  • Minimal House Music
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