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Music Studio In Miami Demo Recording Studio

Critical Recording Studio services the needs of the South Florida music scene by making quality recording, mixing and mastering available at an affordable rate. Whether it's cutting edge production, radio ready mixing, mastering or voice over services, it really all comes down to one thing: the ears and skills of our producer and engineer. Our staff experience of over 20 years can help you get the sound that you are looking for.book drumming lessons now

Our music studio is equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. Located in Miami, our facility is able to cater to both Dade and Broward clientele. We can maximize your budget and your project is never too big. From full length albums, a demo or commercial voice-overs and radio spots, we can help. If its musicians, a producer, or an engineer you need, let our staff point you in the right direction and make what you imagined a reality.

Our Music Studio Specializes In...

Our music recording studio is a facility for sound recording and mixing. Our recording and monitoring spaces were specially designed by an acoustician to achieve optimum acoustic properties (acoustic isolation or diffusion or absorption of reflected sound that could otherwise interfere with the sound heard by the listener). Our Recording studio has been used to record musicians, voice over artists, dialogue replacement in film, television, and to record their accompanying musical soundtracks. Our Recording studios consist of three rooms: A "live room", where instrumentalists and vocalists perform; and our "control room", which houses the professional audio equipment for analogue or digital recording, routing and manipulating the sound. Our recording studio also includes an isolation booth or vocal booth - a small room designed for voice recording. A standard small room in our recording studio, which is both soundproofed to keep out external sounds and keep in the internal sounds and, like all the other recording rooms in sound industry, it is designed for having a lesser amount of diffused reflections from walls to make a good sounding room. A vocalist along with microphones is acoustically isolated in the room.

Our Recording studio was carefully designed around the principles of room acoustics to create a set of spaces with the acoustical properties required for recording sound with precision and accuracy. All the rooms are soundproofed and treated with absorption and diffusion materials on the surfaces of the room, and the physical dimensions of the room itself were made to respond to sound in a desired way.

Whether itís just an idea for a song or a full length album, we are here to maximize your potential. Critical Recording Studio offers everything from basic tracking to mixing to mastering and every step in between, your idea will be a reality. We provide a private and relaxing environment to motivate our clients to focus on making music, so leave all distractions at the door and prepare to jam out. Our staff is highly experienced and personable, ready to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact us by calling 786-347-8800 or emailing us.

What we have for you to work with

Studio Microphones

  • Audix-D6
  • Audix-i5
  • Shure SM57 (x3)
  • Shure SM58 (x2)
  • Neumann KM 184
  • Neumann U 87
  • AKG C 451 B
  • AKG C414 XL

Studio Equipment

  • Tascam D3200 Digital Mixer
  • Voice Pro Vox Preamp
  • HP Desktop Computer
  • Studio Monitors
  • Line 6 Tone Port

Studio Software

  • Pro Tools 10 HD
  • Sonor 8
  • Digital Performer
  • Line 6 Gearbox
  • Soundforge 9
  • Reason 5
  • T-Racks Mastering software
  • Nero CD duplication
  • Logic 9
  • Abelton Live
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