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Learn How to make Beats

contact us about our production school in miami floridaWant to learn how to make those gangster Hip Hop beats you hear on the radio without going to college and paying thousands of dollars? Well hereís your chance!!! Critical Recording Studio will be having Hip Hop production classes every Saturday. It will be a full scale curriculum which is taught at SAE University. The only difference is you wonít have to go to SAE to learn it!!!

Our Teacher/Producer

Our in house Producer, Jean Claude, otherwise known as Q, has been producing beats for ten years and has worked out of the famous Quad Studios in New York where Biggie Smalls used to record all his tracks. Que also has a Bachelors degree in Audio Engineering which he received in Australia. He has been all over the world, and has produced beats for famous Reggae artists and Hip Hop artists all over the country. Jean Claude developed a full scale curriculum and was hired at SAE University to teach it to the students and is still incorporated into the SAE curriculum to this day.

Our Goal

So, why are we doing this? Because we want to help artists create their own production. There are so many hot beats out there in the industry today and getting hold of them isnít that easy as it used to be. In the times that we are living in today getting the exclusive rights for beats and or having a custom made production cost a significant amount. Our goal is to help artists create the hottest beats they possibly can to bring their lyrics to the next level.

The Curriculum

Come and be part of our class and itís easy as just walking in the door and signing up. The curriculum will be broken down as follows:

Engineering Fundamentals, Composition, Arrangement, & Programming

  • FL Studio Essentials (Basic, Intermediate, and Advance use of software)
  • Reason Essentials (Basic, Intermediate, and Advance use of software)
  • Genre Specific Beat Making (various hip hop styles)
  • Effects and Dynamic processing basics
  • Drum Programming and Sequencing
  • Sampling and Looping Basics
  • Mixing and arranging
  • Copyright and Contract Basics

Drum kits, samples, and refills will be provided

Sign Up today!!!

Sign up today or give us a call at 786-347-5800 or contact us via email. So what are you waiting for????

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