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Need Hot Beats?!

Are you a HOT Rapper or R&B Singer who has the TALENT to get a record deal but like many, lack the HOT beat to get the A&Rs to actually hear your music?

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A&Rs at all companies are flooded with demoís everyday from artist trying to get signed. The reason why you will never get your music heard or the radio play u seek is because A&Rís within 10 seconds of pressing play throws the CD in the trash because the Beat wasnít Hot which as a result; leaves your talent, UNHEARD.

The one way to step your game and your swag up is for Critical Recordings Productions to boost your music career. Critical Recordings Productions makes an instant impact when heard by the RECORD LABEL A&Rís. This automatically gives you the same edge as the big time artists which; makes your chances for finally going Major a Reality.

Critical Recordings is flavorful production company based out of Miami Dade, Fl with over 10 years of experience of song production. When we first started we focused on the raw essence of the Hip-Hop sound however; today we focus on making Radio Ready Commercial Swagger Beats which leaves the listener hypnotized and tantalized just from the beat itself. We have an arsenal of beats!!! We have everything from old school beats, underground beats, club bangers, laid back beats, smooth R&B beats, down to the raw and gritty gangster beats that you and your homies like listening to. Basically, Critical Recordings Studio has it all which makes us the Hip-Hop/R&B source of Music for Today and into the future.

In today's market, labels are not developing artist; they are acquiring them. This means that labels want: (A) artists with radio-ready, original material; (B) an artist that is polished enough to be promoted with minimal development cost. We produce consistent quality that will force your talent to be heard! In other words, ALL OUR BEATS ARE FIRE!!!

Critical Recordings Productions is Leasing Certified Tracks for as low as $19.95 ea.

~Thatís an investment YOU CAN AFFORD to start your Music Career~

You'll get the QUALITY BEATS you deserve to get the people you want to listen to YOUR MUSIC!

Leasing Rights For Beats and Tracks

  • Grants One Commercial Use only - Radio,MIxtape,Demos,Internet,Performance)
  • Distribution Limited to 2000 Copies
  • Buyer is not Permitted to alter instrumental (Please Contact for Altering needs of instrumental)
  • Instrumental will be delivered as Mp3 - WAV Files Available Upon Request Only
  • Sole Ownership Of Instrumental will be retained by Producer
  • Credit Must be given in the following Manor: PRODUCED BY: Name of producer that song belongs to

If you have any questions about leasing music tracks or music beats call us at 786-347-5800 or email us today.

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