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Leasing or Buying Music For Artist

Critical Recordings is a flavorful production company based out of Miami Dade, Florida with over 10 years of experience of song production. When we first started we focused on the raw essence of the Hip-Hop sound however; today we focus on making Radio Ready Commercial Swagger Beats which leaves the listener hypnotized and tantalized just from the beat itself. We have an arsenal of beats! We have everything from...our beats are on fire

  • old school beats
  • underground beats
  • club bangers
  • laid back beats
  • smooth R&B beats
  • trap music
  • lyrical cipher beats
  • Dirty South Beats
  • West Coast Rider Beats
  • Mid West swagger beats
  • down to the raw and gritty gangster beats that you and your homies like listening to

We even have the beat that youíve been trying to find for that song youíve always wanted to do for the ladies! ALL OUR BEATS ARE FIRE!!! Critical Recordings Studio has it all which makes us the Hip-Hop/R&B source of music for today and into the future.

In the world we live in today, the beat is everything and thatís why we have producers from across the country and the globe working around the clock 24/7 to give us the quality beats you need. It doesnít matter what style of music you do, we have the beat that will make your lyrics reach the moon.

We also have IN-HOUSE PRODUCERS! If there is a beat thatís been playing in your head and itís perfect just for that one song youíve always been trying to do, no problem; our producers will make it for you right on the spot!!! Our job is to give the artist exactly what he is looking for and if he searches and doesnít find what he wants in our inventory, then weíll make it!!! Itís just that simple.

Leasing and Buying Beats and Tracks

Now letís get to the more technical stuff. I am pretty sure every artist out there would like to purchase the rights and own the beats they use. In todayís economy and especially in the music industry, the prices of getting material copyrighted and going through the whole legal process makes it very expensive. This is why here at Critical recordings we make it affordable. We have two options: Leasing or purchasing the exclusive rights.

Leasing the beat is more affordable and simply means that you have purchased the beat without the exclusive rights. So what does that really mean? That means that the beat is still yours and you can use it for promotional uses such as a demo, EP, or mixtape as long as you like!!!

Purchasing the exclusive rights is the route most artists take and basically, once you have purchased the rights, you officially own the beat. This simply means you can use it for promotional uses such as a mixtape, an album, sell it, whatever you like.

So letís face it, for you to make it, you have to be bringing a unique sound to the table and itís all going to start with the beat that you decide to use. You must develop your own swag and the beat is exactly where itís going to start. So stop using other artistís tracks and get your own!

The possibilities of you becoming the next big hit are endless!

If you have any questions about leasing or buying beats/tracks, call us today at 786-347-5800 or email us today.

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