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When you turn on the radio these days, there are so many different Hip Hop artists out there with different sounds to listen to. Some have that down South flavor, some have that Northern style, and yet others have the Mid-West or West Coast flavor. But what does it really boil down to? Honestly, it all comes down to the beat.

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Believe it or not, the beat on which a Hip-Hop artist raps over makes the difference between him making it, and him failing. Letís get real, if the beat isnít hot enough, no oneís going to listen. How do you Think Lil Wayne is as hot he is today? Have you ever really sat down and considered who makes his beats? Or, what about Young Jeezy? As much swag as he has, He would have been a failure from the start without a good producer backing him up.

In the world we live in today, the beat is everything and thatís why here at Critical Recording Studioís we have at least 4 producers from each corner of America working around the clock to give us quality beats. It doesnít matter what style or Hip Hop you do, we have the beat that will make your lyrics reach the moon. We have Dirty South Flavor beats, West Coast rider beats, Up North lyrical cipher beats, and the Mid-West Swaggertastic beats!!! We have it All!!!

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Letís face it, for you to make it, you have to be bringing a unique sound to the table and itís all going to start with the beat that you decide to use. One reason why most upcoming artists donít make it is because they use beats from other artists. No!!! Do not make that same mistake. Itís time for you to buy your own beats and beats that will make you famous and give you your own personal swagger and style. As long as you own the beat, itís your for life!!! Ten years or thirty years from now when that track plays, people are going to remember you; why? Because the beat was yours to begin with and you rapped on it.

Getting the Exclusive Rights to the beat is just THAT easy and affordable with us. All you have to do is select the beat that you want from us and own it. No more having to deal with a third party or filling out pages and pages and pages of endless paper work. No!!! With Critical Recording Studio, You Buy, Sign, and itís yours, Yours for Life!!!

We understand that not all artists can afford to purchase the rights to beats which is why here at Critical Recording Studios we have a leasing option for artists as well. The good thing about our leasing option is that the beat is now affordable to anyone, itís original and itís still yours!!! So you can do whatever you want do with it!!! Thatís awesome!!! So stop using other artistís tracks and get your own!!! The possibilities of you becoming the next big hit are endless!!!

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