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Local Music Lessons Miami Florida

Wanna rockín roll all night? Trade in your air guitar for a real jam session with the help of Critical Recording Studio. Whether you're a Ringo Starr or more of a Georgemusic lessons miami florida Harrison, it's time to stop attempting to live out your musical fantasies by playing Rock Band, the air guitar or banging on pots and pans like a five year old. Instead, try your hand at a musical instrument and have a real shot at being successful at it the help of our music teachers.

Just wanna bang on the drums all day? Let our music teachers help. We have a highly experienced set of teachers whether you want to learn the drums, guitar, bass, or the keyboard we have a teacher for you! No matter your rhythm or skill level we have instructed a variety of people, from novices who have never picked up an instrument before to the advanced who just need to freshen up their skills. We will help novices and rookies alike. Learn to play in a recording studio with music professionals. Classes can be worked around your schedule from one to three times a week. We even teach you how to read music in the process.

No Instruments For Music Lessons?

Donít worry about lugging; buying, or renting your instruments, our music studio has all the necessary equipment! If you have ever dreamed of starting your own band or improving your singing skills, we can help!

Music Lessons By Musicians

Created over five years ago by two musicians with a serious passion for the biz, book drumming lessons nowCritical Recording Studio has gained notoriety in South Florida as one of the best full audio and video production facilities. We can fulfill all recording, mixing, mastering, video editing and commercial audio/visual needs, but if you're just starting out, their guitar and drum lessons are all you need to know. Your one-on-one music lessons will be taught by an industry professional and held in a recording studio to give you the full rock star treatment. The instructor will customize your lessons based on your skill level and what type of music you would like to play, however, if you have zero experience, your lesson will start from the very basics to give you the best possible foundation. Only own an air guitar? Our music studio also provides all the equipment you need.

Appointments can be made by calling 786-347-5800. Should you choose to continue your studies, and we're sure you will, your Critical Recording Studioís lessons can be worked around your schedule between one and three times a week. Whether you live and breathe music or just need a new hobby, live out your dreams and embark on a new, melodic adventure with Critical Recording Studio

KISS your days of Rock Band goodbye! Learn how to really get down and blow the roof off this joint with the our help.

  • Learn the basics of Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar or Vocals.
  • Music lessons suited for beginners and those who have experience.
  • Instruments are provided or if you have your own instrument.
  • Practice in a real recording studio, with music professional.
  • Experienced professionals teaching a variety of instrument.
  • Appointment required

If you have any questions about the music lessons we can provide you with, call us at 786-347-5800 or email us today.

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