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Miami Music Recording Studio Guitar - Bass Teacher

Gerald Gutierrez

Guitar and Bass Teacher

gerard gutierrezGerald Gutierrez began his musical education through private lessons at the age of 12. He has been trained on the electric, acoustic, and classical guitars as well as bass guitar.

Gerald studied at Miami-Dade Collegewith an emphasis in sound engineering and recording. He has performed with various bands such as Milkshed, Saga High, Organic Flow, and Los Bloomers and has also participated in many musical competitions. His focus is in Rock, Blues, and Funk but is adept at every style of music.

His current projects include the Latin Jazz band "Kayey" and the Americana artist Lani Nash, which could currently be seen playing in various venues in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale areas.

Gerald has been teaching guitar and bass since 1996 to kids and adults of all ages. His approach to teaching is a combination of musical theory and performing.

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