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Hip Hop Sound Engineer/Producer

draydelGrowing up in northern Miami, there was always an issue at hand that had to be dealt with. There had to be a way to escape. There had to be something they could do to elude their everlasting problems. Everyone had their own way. He had his. While being introduced to music at a young age, Daniel Sado, formally known as ‘Draydel,’ also had the opportunity to become involved with the lyrical expression of music as well. With kids freestyling behind the school, and the late night mixes on the radio, this made for the perfect combination to spark an everlasting love for the art. With much research, and many months saving money, Draydel bought his first pair of turntables at the age of 12. Ever since then, his love for music has expanded and grown into something more than just a hobby. It’s his life.

He began searching through his parent’s attic, looking for old record albums to practice with. When he found the crates, he took a few back into his room and began cutting them up – until his dad found out. Furious, his father threatened to smash his turntables and grounded him for a while. This gave Draydel some time to sit and think about the ‘hobby’ he might be pursuing. At last, when his punishment ended, the decision was made to stick with what he loved, music.

Draydel expanded his love for music into many other elements such as graffiti, MCing, DJing and b-boying. Needless to say, DJing was the most predominant characteristic of them all, so he narrowed in on that, and expanded his knowledge. He moved his way into the producing aspect of music just a year later, at the age of 13. With no one by his side, Draydel learned everything the hard way – from scratch. Sitting in his room for hours going through each sound until he found one he liked, started to become a daily routine.

All of his friends began to notice something great happening and spread the word about my music.That’s when others began to contact Draydel regarding his music and discussion of possible tracks to be recorded. They say that practice makes perfect, and Draydel wanted to get as close to perfect at he could – so practice is all he did. Since he resides in the south, his musical developments reflect that. With grimey bass kicks, high pitch whistles and techno based synths, Draydel’s style is nothing less than head turning. His style doesn’t only focus on southern hip hop beats, but with his background of music and love for all genres, he has a versatile ear for creating music from each end of the musical spectrum.

Years, artists, beats, microphones and programs later, Draydel has made his stand in the music industry with his unique beats, enthusiastic performances and humble outlook. While striving to improve, he is always open to work with new artists and producers. Hundreds of beats have been placed under his belt, hoping one day soon, someone will see the talent he has, and the rest will be history.

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