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Miami Music Recording Studio Drum Instructor and Music Lesson Director

Chris Rod

Drum Instructor and Music Lesson Director

chris rodBorn in 1988 in Miami Beach, Florida, Christian Rodriguez, or “Chris Rod” as he is known, has a drumming influence made of marching percussion and classic rock drumming. Rodriguez began playing and learning music at the local school’s music program on The Beach in the earlier 2000s. There, he absorbed the different styles of music that the world has to offer, from Samba to Jazz to Classical to Marching Band..

After graduation, Rodriguez went to school at Miami Dade College to grow his network, musical skills and started the College’s first music club in years, it was here that he developed a love for teaching. He would routinely volunteer hours working with the music program at MBSH. He was later hired as MBSH’s Drum Instructor. Shortly after, he was hand picked by MDC to be a band director for a music student summer camp called “Rock Camp USA.” The City of Miami Beach eventually took notice and offered Rodriguez a contract to build and direct there music program, which begin in one youth center and spread across three youth centers within a year and a half.

Currently, Rodriguez is performing with a hand full of musicians in south Florida. He is the said drummer for The Personal Legend, Bajo Tregua, Ovrhol, Ronald Rip and his personal group, The Sexpilots. He has also drummed for or with Dilaudid, Kendra Day, Gus Bryce, Frank Allegro, Maria, Feneiva, Hake, Blue Audio, Leon L, Cone of Silence, Lily Vasquez, Ali Castro, Arose, Gardi Pais, Valhalla, Fue Pol, Yankel Guzman, Scott Smith, Jetstream, Foxpilot and the MDC Percussion Ensemble. He also as done recordings with Valhalla, with one track entitled “Empty Love” making its way to the MDC Miambiance Magazine, with Fernando Perdomo on his debut solo album “Home is Wherever You Are,” and with Bajo Tregua’s EP album.

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