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Battle Of The MCs Miami Events

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here; Battle of the MCís!!! Who is the star? You!!! How many times have you watched Freestyle Friday on 106 and Park and wished it was you up there on that stage with the whole world watching you ripping another MC and taking the prize? Well that opportunity can finally be yours. Critical Recordings Studio will be hosting a Battle of the MCís every 3 months starting April 14 2012!!!

MCís from all over South Florida and America will be flocking to this event just to get their names heard and show their skills however; only one will be crowned champion! Twenty MCís will be fighting for the right to be South Floridaís next best MC and win bragging rights for life.

Itís going to be live in full effect. Everybody is going to be there. DJ is going to be spinning on the turn tables all night plus, there will be showcases from other artists as well. You never know who you will meet or who will be there.

These are the rules: You have to be at least 18 years of age and any Hip Hop Style is welcomed. Each MC will be given a minute to say whatever is on his/her mind. The Battle will start off with 20 contestants which will consist of five rounds. After each battle a winner will be announced narrowing down the contestants for the next round. Round one will start off with 20 contestants, round two will start off with ten contestants, round three will start off with five contestants, and round four will start off with three contestants. The final round will start with two MCís and each MC will have two opportunities to say whatís on their mind and prove why they should be crowned South Floridaís next best Battle MC. No touching of other artists is tolerated and anyone who does so will forfeit his spot and be asked to leave. Use of any recreational drugs doing battle or on the premises is prohibited and violators will be asked to leave. The best part about is the crowd will be the ones doing the judging!!!

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded $200, a Battle of the MCís Trophy, and will be able to record 2 singles here in our Studio, and a Critical Recordings Studio T-shirt. The runner up will receive two hours of free studio time, and the third place winner will receive a Critical Recordings T-shirt.

Itís time to step your game up and show the world why you should be crowned the next best MC. So what are you waiting for? Call Now!!!

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